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If you take from nature and get something ugly, that’s not Art, but if you turn taken into something amazing, functional and new – that’s Art!


More than decades we are avoiding low quality standards. Reason why are Chinese cheap, commerical products which are everywhere.


We offer more than hundred types of products. You wont find two same products, but for sure, you will find two similar with elegant “touch”.

Creative products

It’s one of those ineffable things that’s extremely hard to define but you absolutely know it when you see it. It’s also the driving force for so many of us, to the point where we’ve created an entire category of worker that just called “creative.”

Traditional Business

Vrbanec Ceramics is twenty years old family business which was revealed in North part of Croatia. Through the years We decide to follow original souvenirs where every piece is handemaded.

Unique firing technique – RAKU !

Raku firing really is one of the most natural techniques that you can encounter in working with clay. In raku firing all of nature’s elements are used in the process – earth, fire, air and water. In loose translation raku means: enjoyment, contentment and happiness.